Our story

We bake real chocolate chip cookies - crunchy on the outside, soft, chewy and full of chunks of delicious melted chocolate on the inside. For your full indulgence!

Our cookies are made from the finest ingredients: dark and white Belgian chocolate of the highest quality, butter, brown and white sugar, eggs, and contain no added preservatives.

In order to make a high quality product, ingredients that we use include hazelnuts, almonds, cranberries and raisins which are purchased from certified producers and suppliers.

We always make sure that our cookies with their quality and composition can be measured with the best products not only from our Grannies kitchens but also from world-renowned manufacturers of cookies. Due to the temperature at which they are baked and butter that is used, our cookies do not contain trans-fats. Baking powder is the only supplement that is added to our cookies.

All our cookies are made by hand, with care and attention to every detail of the manufacturing process. To make sure that we comply with all regulations and requirements of Food Safety Law, we possess Quality Austria HACCP Certificate.

Dream a little dream with each cookie you eat!



Light dough with dark Belgian chocolate

For a good morning, a good afternoon and a good night


Cocoa dough with dark Belgian chocolate

Come to the dark side

Dark Classic

Cocoa dough with dark and white Belgian chocolate

All shades of chocolate

Black and White

Light dough with cranberry and dark Belgian chocolate

You will think only of him

with dark chocolate

Cocoa dough with cranberry and white Belgian chocolate

You will think only of her

with white chocolate

Light dough with raisins, cinnamon and dark Belgian chocolate

Passion, beauty, comfort, bliss

Raisins and

Cocoa dough with hazelnuts and dark Belgian chocolate

Share with a friend… or don't


Light dough with coconuts and white Belgian chocolate

Three shades of white


Cocoa dough with crushed almonds and white Belgian chocolate

Give it to the one you want to impress


Cocoa dough with orange and dark Belgian chocolate

For those who know how to enjoy


Cocoa dough with chilli and dark Belgian chocolate

The adventure you'll never forget


Light dough with ginger and dark Belgian chocolate

Sophisticated, perfect, special


Enjoy fresh cookies while the finest Belgian chocolate is melting in your mouth!

You can order our cookies via:


+ 381 64 511 5779

We deliver to your home address within 24 hours.

Free delivery on orders of 24 or more cookies.